Portraits of Elders

# Overview:

The purpose of these Portraits is found here: Art of Aging Report

The process was...

RIchard Scholtz edited nineteen 90 min interviews to less than 8 minutes each and they are posted on YouTube.

Portrait paintings of each of these elders was added.

# Now:

Conceptual Model of Kerry and Marc's Research TRY Arrows Tool

Kerry and I will put some of these into Descript, get the transcripts, select key variables, create a plausible causal loop diagrams (CLD).

> It is very difficult to get a YouTube file that can be placed into Descript, so... I will run YouTube with Descript listening to the audio.

We will then share with Richard and see to what use he thinks these pairings of stories and CLDs.

Here is a link to all of the interviews on YouTube

See Portrait of Maggie Weisberg for an example of a partially corrected interview from Descript .

YOUTUBE 7493LqR04Yg Portraits of Elder Maggie Weisberg on YouTube