Portrait Margaret Dickson


Um, I'm 19 now, knowing that I do want to keep my body. I never did have a baby bay. Uh, they lived in hotels and my mom said that they would pull a dresser drawer out and put a blanket in it and put me in that drawer board. And that was my bad. So I think that helped me in moving around. I grew up in a dresser drawer. Well, it's a long story. My husband was in oil and we lived in new Orleans, Dallas, Tulsa. Um, uh, anyway, we, we ended up in Tulsa, uncle home, I and retired there, but we came to, uh, Belize. Because we add a daughter here. So we came here 17 years ago. We needed to be with family. And I have just been in this main building since September. And, uh, I don't know, I have dead downsides a lot, and I think to get me moved and. Smaller quarters, but I'm where I should be. Uh, and I like it. I, I like people around me, the noise they confusion other than being, uh, up in the cottages. Um, I go down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I eat very little for lunch, just a cup of soup as a rule. But I take a long walk in the hallway three times a day. We have a very good physical therapist chair. I talked to so many women who have grown up in this Erie area and have lived their entire life here. And it's very difficult for them to leave their home. I was always moving around, fixing a new house up so that didn't bother me. I love talking books and, uh, I don't have a television. But I, I, uh, I think my talking books are a strong support for me, but I had a wonderful tape of, uh, president Obama and our new president. And I was real happy to, to know that. About their relationship, more and more about their relationship. And that was a good book. Well, I think the greatest difficulty I've had in, but add in the Arizona is the loss of everybody. I'm I really don't have anyone left, uh, in the Midwest. All of my family are gone and my friends, and I think that's a challenge, you know, to not dwell on that because that's going to happen. That's just going to happen. As we get older, we're more focused on our problems. Which is certainly normal because they date, they occur more often, you know, and you a true seem to add a layer to problems. And I think that, I think we have to learn to handle them and, uh, get on down the road. Not. Let them completely absorb our attention and our focus. Um, I think that's one of the secrets of a gene. And I think that, I think if you can continue your enthusiasm for things that that's good, you know, attitude is always good. I don't think of myself as being. Successful a bit check. Truly. I don't think adding the years is it's a big success. I'm like human being. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. If I can, if I can do it over again, maybe I would make fewer mistakes, but I think it's a matter of. Um, who you are, what would you want to do with the remainder of your life? Because you, you realize that you have too much more time, you know,