Portrait Dan Rowe


My name is Duetto. That's my Indian name. It means the first scope. Um, my Christian given name on my birth certificate because I mixed blood is Danny Lawrence. Whoa I'm I'm 73 going on a hundred. I've been growing old from the time I was eight or nine years old. My mother taught me to read before I ever went to school five years before I was five, even I could read. And it's the greatest gift she ever gave me. She died of alcoholism at 38, but the last gift she gave me was on my way out to go to the Marine Corps. She gave me her last $17. But long before that she gave me the reading. I thought that I was the way word wind was a, I was an extra Kennan. So I would take off and blow wherever the wind blew and wherever I was supposed to go. I worked there and I worked when I was 13. I worked at, uh, at a bowling alley in circle, Montana, shedding pins. Now I have stenosis. Uh, severe, lower lumbar stenosis. And I know it had to have come from all those years, doing that stuff for working the hayfields or whatever, but it could never be still, I could never hold a job. I'd say I can't hold a job, you know, but I was never out of work. I, uh, went to the Marine Corps was six years in the cord during. And, uh, took a job with the state department. I worked in the middle east in the Sinai desert between the Egyptian and Israeli armies, keeping them apart. I got kinda tired of that after a while and decided to go home. And, uh, again, I just couldn't. Stay any longer. So I went back and I took a contract to the Aleutian islands. I worked out on the very end of the Aleutian island. I did electronic surveillance there. I retired about a year ago from the university I taught there. Even college. I taught American Indian studies kind of broadly. I was there for 21 years. I said the longest I ever held any job, you see, this was a thing about being steady and having a steady job I got in 20 years, I've got a continuing healthcare as a stray that if I'd been on the reservation or just living the life I used to live, I'd be long gone by now, but being here and having that insurance. And a place where people value that and suggest, and at it, we talk about it all the time and it's always there. You have something wrong, you did fixed, and it's nothing that we'd ever done before he put her off. You know, we can put a, you can't, you don't want to slow down. You got to keep the Baylor keeps throwing those bales out. You gotta get them bales on the, on the boat. When you get the bales, all stack on the stone boat, you shove him off of the stone boat in a pile. I am an elder. Most Indian males do not live this long. We have a very high rate of mortality. He played, he played the double Reed harmonica and he plays Shenandoah on there. And it's more often known as across the wide Missouri, because it is across the wide Missouri. My grandfather, the white grandfather ran a ferry across the Missouri river in Montana. Anyway. So, uh, I hope that if, uh, you know, we have any sort of a Memorial when I check out that, uh, that, that somebody will know this and do that to grandchildren, they need grandparents, so they can find out who they are. They need grandparents to give them the kind of guidance that's important, not just how to. Have good manners and do this. Hey yeah, sure. You work on that. But the other things that are important, we need to do that kind of thing and to be a part of a community in order to give ourselves some meaning. So you, because I had nothing until, uh, uh, I did all that stuff with, what's going to be important is the people who remember me and what they remember me for. I'm married. Kathleen Kathy's father was an FBI agent. He was an FBI agent and we had our reservation, which it was a pretty courageous thing in the world to have the FBI agent. Your father-in-law. He wasn't real happy about it because his daughter married Indian. Also a non-Catholic, but we've been so happy. Uh, sometimes Kathy will take the, I go get the mail. Usually it gives me a chance to walk with my Wheeler. And, uh, so we have these duties and these details and these jobs. But sometimes when we shut down, we don't pray in the Christian way necessarily, but I, I take her hand and she older mind. I tell her. That's how I get by there. Should've been some good people in my life and unfortunately, mostly they're still there.