Portrait Jim Lortz


I've designed Jim Lawrence. I'm 66 and I live in Bellingham, Washington, well being a theater director and an actor I'm happier when I'm just rehearsing because I feel the time and I'm engaged with the creativity and the minds and the hearts and the souls of everybody. Like, I just feel like. It fills me with such an energy and care that I don't, I don't want to meet. I don't do the performance. I'd rather just rehearse the show forever because I'm able to look into their, their creativeness tune Burke with that catching up to when I'm 64 by Paul McCartney, he's still playing a little bit, having a good time. I kind of feel I'm the world's oldest teenager. So anything I get in trouble for thinking, I still think I'm 22 years old. I don't sleep well because of the Parkinson's I've been lucky, so progressions, but it's affecting my speech now so much more than a did and my balance and my walk and. And I have a good friend of mine in Montana, who is in the hospital right now. And she, she, we, we, we grew up four houses apart from each other and she has Parkinson's as well. And her has been really brutal to her for the last year. It's interesting to watch and hard to watch, and I feel a little guilty that mine is give it to her. And it has changed who I am as an actor. Cause I don't like to perform anymore because, uh, the, the adrenaline kicks in the tremors. So, um, have a very good shake if I get too excited. I always like, if someone says what's shaking Jim, as I say my right hand, as soon as you can't say that. Yes I can. Okay. I can have, I can mock my park is a little bit, this is mine. I can do what I want with this. I'm aware of more inevitability of seeing shutting down. And I think that we're not ready for that. As young people, we don't think that's going to happen. And. And other than I don't have a partner, I wish I did have a partner cause I made a witness in my life and I miss that about the experience I'm going through with the Parkinson's and with aging, I'm going to be moving soon. We're looking forward to that because I'm moving to a city almost in the country. I'll be able to kind of do some. Community with nature. I'm I I'm into model trains versus I'm excited about moving to the garage attached to my new cottage. So it's giving me my train room. So I've always had an interested in. When you're, I didn't get anything for Christmas. So I went down to toys R us and bought a styrofoam thing that had plays for track and some round up and over stuff till I was probably 35, then 30 Lutheran injury. I like trains. The students asked me what my favorite shows are that I've been. I always say and frog and toad in front of Antonio to be able to wear with my friend, Jerry, who we've known each other for 46 years is a long time to know somebody. And I liked the show. I like to affect people. Whatever the point of the play is to affect them and to change them. Now, I remember we had a talk back after one of the performances and a little boy in the front row. So I was going to just reach forward and you can help me by my legs and said, I love you frog. He said, that's why I do theater. I do theater to stir up people's imaginations and to let them. Into an emotional world that we were afraid to go to nowadays, the kids just you're so afraid of being emotional now. Whereas I, I revel in it. I was talking to somebody the other day. I said, life is so interesting. The people that put the are put in our paths. There's a lion and a plant that resonates with me each time I ever heard it, but it's weak. It's easy to resonate. And then there's Devon's alive, but it doesn't end a relationship. Years ago, he did a production of lonely planet. And at the end of the play, my character had been collecting, um, chairs of all the people he knows who have died of aids because he wants some memento of. Okay, hang on. At the end of the play, he comes out and he's, he brings his own charity, asked the guy who owns a map store to take care of his chair. I assume acting is easy. Nothing is easy. You had dying is easy. Comedy is hard. I always, it's always interesting when I tell people that I have Parkinson's they always say, oh, my grandfather died of Parkinson's people. See the end result. They don't see the process.