My notes

Critical Conversation Types: Could this group develop the minimal set of conversation types and then develop tools and methods to enable these conversation types. If well crafted and articulated they may form a Conversation Pattern Language. I have been playing with a particular style or even patter of conversation types--DeBono's Six Thinking Hats. Here is a pattern: Six Hat's Pathway


In Process

Base patterns (templates) for my FedWiki pages--When: Where: Why: Who: How: What:

What is the FedWiki equivalent of a tag, that can be searched by?

Learn how Ward does computation and analysis across pages and fedwiki sites.

Create a Graphviz diagram of George Mobus model. VSM as well, esp. Homeostat diagram.

Find ways to incorporate Bayesian Networks (graphs) with FedWiki.

I need a FedWiki server of my own so that I can support groups, especially Columbia Valley Community. But also the new Viability Group. My old MacMini server arrives today so that is a big step toward getting my WordPress site back on line and adding FedWiki server hosting.

Do we want to improve the Dialogue fedwiki?

How to set up a FedWiki server(s) Use Digital Ocean for servers at $5/mo.

To Do

Have Maps and Graphs open in full web page. For graphs allow selection of constrain by width or height.

Learn to use an SVG editor. Use OmniGraffel

Learn to use markdown shortcuts

DSRP Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, and Perspectives. The social complexity multiplies with the number of perspectives (identities) in the system. The trick is finding commonalities among Perspectives without diminishing the richness of each perspective.

My FedWiki Tricks: Navigation, Search, Sharing, Keyboard shortcuts


A Conversation with Thompson to learn from his experience how to think and experiment in the field of health.

To understand the landscape of FedWiki and how to carry it all forward.FedWiki

FedWiki Use Cases for Fed Wiki: Transparent survey and even voting platform. Community Conversations (unbound). Support for Commons (enacting, elucidating, tracking, graphing, visualizing, story telling).

Talk with merry band about Article souped up Graphviz magic.