A Conversation with Thompson

Thompson Morrison (also at FedWiki ) developed an innovation in the approach to education and has found a way to work with educators within self-selected educational institution. The diffusion of this innovation has captured my interest.

VIMEO 461029781 Vimeo: Thompson Morrison relates his journey from technology entrepreneur to re-imagining and recreating education. There are lessons here for all of us who want to see change in our legacy institutions.

I am reading his book: The Dayton Experiment Amazon .

Thompson and Ward Cunningham shared their experiences with a group of my friends.


Questions that I had before meeting Thompson.

What are you doing?

How is it going?

How far and how fast will it go? With you and without you?

What is your experience with diffusion of innovation: spread, adoption?

What is the role of neighborhoods in your work and your worldview?

What is the base recursion in social systems? Where is a good life lived?

These are some other things I want to hear about from Thompson's point of view.

Since biological systems have complexified themselves as emergences from interactions of simpler systems--what is the evidence that this process can be reversed? That an idea of a high level system can not only design the parts it needs but can construct before the fact the communication networks (relationships) that will hold the whole thing together. And then there is the question of for whose sake is it being held together?


What are the possible relationships between civil society, governments, and businesses?

How far can we get working in and with the old metasystems?

What are the limits to transformation within old institutions?

Can we do both--start afresh, Idealized Design, and try to innovate in and with the old institutions?

What are the limiting and enabling effects available at various scales?