Eldorado for Neighborhood Self-Organizing

Development acts by any particular neighborhood:

WHY: Polycentric governance (decision making, problem solving) Ostroms

Decision making graphs. (Governance networks) A City is not a Tree (A semi-lattice).

Create concept maps as byproduct of the data--Neo4j's "Schema" command and GraphViz natural mode.

Explain the small graph objects, how they are created, used, and linked.

What does this have to do with DDD?

Explorable network model of complex domains using extraction scripts or collectors, a Neo4j repository and GraphViz stepping stones to explore in understandable increments or steps out from any current small graph.

Show me, please.

Is there anything that I can do with Eldorado tools at this point? Could we hook it up to Brains? Via Neo4j?

Look at Tom Sawyers's many graphic displays (all coded in JavaScript) Would the javascript created with TomSawyer Perspectives application develomment platform be useful to Ward? To Marc? To Olaf Brugman?

Could Ward (Eldorado extension) handle TheBrain JASON extract, put it into Neo4j and then graph away at it?

Would Ward be interested in talking with Olaf Brugman at Sicredi Brazil? 117 Cooperative Banks creating local cooperatives regularly.

We need a warning to pop up before forking any “Welcome Visitors” page: WARNING: FORKING THIS WILL REPLACE YOUR OWN WELCOME VISITORS PAGE!