**Problem:** Our world has gone too far toward globalization, toward remote control, toward "one size fits all", toward experts know best, toward dependence on faceless decisionmakers.

In our neighborhoods we have largely forgotten how to take care of each other, how to grow our own food, how to build our own houses, how to protect each other, how to educate our children and one another, how to work together for and with people we know, how to care for our elders and children and less fortunate ones, how to be healthy, how to take care of our place on the earth.

**Therefore:** We can return to our locales, our places on earth and cooperate in order to take care of ourselves and take care of our shared sacred places.


# Thinking together, acting together creatively we can:


In order for ReLocalization to work, the local must integrate with all the levels less local. For each ReLocalization in the list above we must create models along the lines of Geopolitical Recursions and Geopolitical Recursions.

For other suggested program topics see: Earth ReGenerators and Local Futures . I am preparing FedWiki pages for the key content in both of these sites and will obtain permission before "going public".

A **pattern language** for re-localizing neighborhood functions will emerge if we look for it. See PATTERNS.

Please add others.