ReLocalize Creativity

**PROBLEM:** In an ever increasingly complex world, remote solutions don't seem to fit local needs.

**THEREFORE:** We must figure out how to solve as many of our problems and provide for as many of our needs and wishes as possible closer to home.

Where do we have the most opportunity to make the most difference to our lives?

We believe the answer lies in the place where we live, our neighborhood.

Relocalize Creativity is a big idea based on this opportunity. It is our chance (and challenge) to rebalance globalization and rebuild resilient neighborhoods.

The diagram below shows the components of Relocalize Creativity and how they work together.

We suggest visitors begin exploring our temple with the roof, RE LOCALIZE. Then excavate the foundation, CREATIVITY, before working up each section of the building.

Our ambitious aim is to take this one idea and bring it to one million neighborhoods globally.


Our approach to Relocalizing Creativity is illustrated in the Diamond Diagram below. Diamond Diagrams are a tool used by an initiative called Qulturum which helped inspire our work.

Our key driver is local Learning and Development. Our methods are See the Systems and Collective Action coordinated through Neighborhood Development Cooperatives. Our aim is Local ReGeneration that leads to global regeneration of our planet, a planet that is already beyond its carrying capacity. We must behave in ways that regenerate the earth's lost capacity to support humans. To do that humans must support the planet, locally, each neighborhood's part of the earth, without harming distant parts.

# A Diamond Diagram: Philosophy at the top. Goal at the bottom. Critical methods are in the middle (Six or fewer).