digraph { layout=dot rankdir=TB overlap=false concentrate=false bgcolor=lightblue //splines="" node [style=filled shape=box color=blue4 fontcolor=white] label="Choose what you care about. Make multiple cares\ninto a system--connect them." Purpose [shape=hexagon] }

Choose what you care abut. Make multiple cares into systems--connect them.

Purpose expressed as unambiguously prioritized goals.

Because complex systems are required to satisfy multiple goals, purpose must be expressed as unambiguously prioritized goals. Without well-defined goals, the system cannot be effective and might randomly adopt or default to a goal that is regarded as unethical by the society that it exists in.


See 15 Ps Purpose Matters.

A purpose is initially experienced as an idea or a concept by someone.

The human domain of imagination, insight, induction, deduction, association, reference, aesthetics, culture, all come into play in this wellspring of new and used ideas from which purposes arise.

This is a rather mysterious and magical domain—preconscious interaction of our histories and our environments yielding little emotional moments of cognition or recognition or “ah ha” or surprise that carry motivation with them. They move us. We often claim that we decided on the purpose, but it seems to me that powerful purposes carry me along, captivate me, so much so that I claim that they are mine, when really I am theirs.

This is the place where differences are experienced. Some differences are felt to be significant or insignificant. Some are felt to be true or potentially true. Some are felt to be useful or potentially useful. This is a dream-like domain where we may be more or less comfortable, where we spend more or less of our time.