Using Institution Survey

Create an institution paragraph and add causal links from the named institution to other institutions, to political recursions, and to physical places.

# Run the survey. Institution Survey * This updates any changes on every instance of INSTITUTION on the site of name. * It also list the pages, the institutions, and the connections.

# Review Eco Geo Situation * This links to various past Institution Survey from various FedWiki sites. * I AM NOT SURE WHAT THESE OTHER SURVEYS ARE TO BE USED FOR. * Modify the "initiators" to create the base diagram between Physical (green) and Political (blue) that will automatically show up on an adjacent page named Situated Institutions.

# Display the results in graphic context. * Check Situated Institutions for correctness. * Add or subtract institutions and "continue" to a graphviz display. ( Graphviz is not properly configured, select "continue" again.

# Explore in Super Collaborator * Once you have the composite diagram you want, then use the "download" button and then drag the downloaded file directly into the upper green pane of the Super Collaborator work space

* Be sure to check the boxes for the Hierarchical BT Layout and the Institutional Colors.

* Add and subtract graphs.