Neighborhood Potential of FedWiki

I am astounded at the latent potential of FedWiki to assist neighbors and neighborhoods in taking care.

VIMEO 462735484 Marc describing to friends what he sees as the potential of FedWiki to support democratic action in neighborhoods.

Marc shares his enthusiasm for Fed Wiki and goes off the farm talking about "Five Women In a Neighborhood"-- a likely title for a book by Marc, as suggested by a participant.

Delivering content in a way that unfolds (opens pages to the right without closing the last page) and also provides enough choice to honor a reader/writer's curiosity is a compelling set up for "delivering" educational content or creating a Co-Education Environment.

Extend News with FedWiki ReUse News with FedWiki ReUse Learning with FedWiki Extend Learning with FedWiki ReWrite

One way to explore dev paths for FedWiki could be to provide affordances to groups of Five Women in a Neighborhood in particular neighborhoods.

Ward and Thompson on FedWiki on origin, use, and potential of FedWiki.

I wonder about seeding neighborhood autopoesis via Five Women FedWikis.