Neighborhood Edges

Whisp: A page to explore and share the edges of my knowledge, foresight, courage, capability, capacity, network as relates to supporting the wellbeing and self-organizing of neighborhoods and communities.

* Civil society cannot possibly thrive in a world dominated by such powerful institutions as governments and national and multi-national corporations. In other words I may be wasting my time. It may be possible that only dystopian futures are possible.

* Consultant-Neighborhood interface? Locating activated innovators in the neighborhood?

* Process of creating fitness of techniques and tools?

* Developing the capability to make it easier to take care than to be careless?

* Role of open source, volunteer participation vs. paid work? Caring vs. Commodification. Clarity about dynamics of caring?

* All "teaching" should be done by members of the community in modes and language that are accepted and attractive to peers? This means that outsiders who wish to be useful must make their methods and material completely adaptable by the most grassroot stakeholders?

* I may not live long enough to get enough done that is has a life of its own--still born

* I may not be part of a network that shares the beliefs and principles and works together. I have been working with Jon Walker, Angela Espinosa, Allenna Leonard, Olaf Brugman, Constantin Malik, Dave Ford, Richard Schultz, Carl McDaniels, Bill Lombard. I now am beginning to work with Ward Cunningham, David, Inger-Meta, Bjarne, Samer, and Clair .