Law of Requisite Variety

I am addressing precisely Olaf's point in a recent audio file on the necessity of practice (or praxis).

There is a relative **weakness of abstracted expert models** compared with embodied and situated models.

For me this amazing law leads or drives me daily away from my history of modeling and back to the direct physical and social world where the models are embodied in the direct living of people in particular places and particular times.

Regardless of the hubris of experts, every person has massive capabilities in navigating their complex situations and they have **motivation** which is often lacking at greater levels of abstraction (**detachment**).

One implication creates a bias for working with people in grounded situations--real specific places with named, faced people. And from there we can take advantage of Requisite Variety and use appropriate tools, methods, models, and theories. But they must always be tethered to the earth--to places, to **home**.

Over a **duration** of one to seven generations.

Use the **local answers** to When?, Where?, Why?, and Who? to design solutions that work locally.

The idea is that any effort should be connected to the most relevant model, with the most relevant variety (choices), with the most realistic situated options.