Increasing the Power of Neighbors

I mean democratic power directed toward the good of all residents of the neighborhood while simultaneously and equally clarifying the Responsibilities and Rights of the residents.

Local practical problem solving is equivalent to taking back power we have forfeited. We simply must use government and big business only when absolutely necessary. Don't trade our aliveness for stuff or short term gain. It is aways poor bargain.

When we engage in three types of conversations, taken in sequence, we can discover surprising power for action and change. First, let's talk about what we all want for ourselves and everyone else for all of time. Next, let's talk about what we want now and here. This is always a difficult conversation requiring compromise and prioritization. Finally, let's have conversations and plan specific action by those we trust to find the people and resources for success. See Sources of Power in Neighborhoods.

For me the most powerful reason for neighbors to take care of as much as they possibly can relates to Ross Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety. I only came across this concept a couple of years ago. It is critical to problem solving. It defines aspects of local and practical. It allows an analysis of the role of outside, even encompassing, organizations such as government and big businesses.