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I live in Fairhaven district of Bellingham, WA. 48.7210813, -122.5053870 LINEUP

Looking east from Bellingham Bay, at the city of Bellingham, where I live. Mt. Baker in the background. - fed.wiki

A ski route down from the top of Mt. Shuksan. If I were 30 years younger I might try it.. source

digraph { layout=dot rankdir=BT overlap=false consentrate=true node [style=filled shape=box] Stakeholders [color=purple3 fontcolor=white] "Individuals\n& Households" [color=purple1 fontcolor=white] Institutions [color=grey] Places [color=green1] Outside [color=black fontcolor=white] "Appreciation\nEvents" [color=yellow] Ideals [color=yellow] "Influence\nEvents" [color=red] Values [color=red] "Control\nEvents" [color=blue fontcolor=white] Goals [color=blue fontcolor=white] Programs [color=lightblue4] Projects [color=lightblue3] Processes [color=lightblue2] Results [color=lightblue1] Care [color=orange] "Individuals\n& Households" -> Care [label=discover] Care -> {Ideals Values Goals Results} [label=creates] Goals -> Programs [label=require] subgraph cluster1 { "Appreciation\nEvents" -> Ideals [label=reveals] } subgraph cluster2 {"Influence\nEvents" -> Values [label=negotiate] } subgraph cluster3 { "Control\nEvents" -> Goals [label=allows] } subgraph cluster4 { Stakeholders -> Ideals [label=believe] Stakeholders -> Values [label=prioritize] Stakeholders -> Goals [label=invest] Stakeholders -> "Appreciation\nEvents" [label=participate] Stakeholders -> "Influence\nEvents" [label=use] Stakeholders -> "Control\nEvents" [label=organize] } Stakeholders -> {"Individuals\n& Households" Institutions Places} [label=include] subgraph cluster5 {Programs Projects Processes Results} Programs -> Projects [label=require] Projects -> Processes [label=require] Processes -> Results [label=produce] //subgraph cluster6 {Stakeholders -> {"Individuals & Households" Institutions Places} [label=include]} Institutions -> {Inside Outside} [label=controlled] Places -> {Inside Outside} //subgraph cluster7 {Institutions -> {Inside Outside} }

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Particularizing Patterns the localization and realization of patterns into specific places by the locals--moving from wisdom to a community's particular specific development.

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Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety and criticality of Optimum Scale the two related, important, and seldom understood concepts.

Paradigms, People, Processes, Particulars--four distinctions that matter to me.

Leading Coalitions -- the art of leading a coalition from within a part of that coalition, often a dominating part.

Current project is Patterns of Commoning my attempt to use others work and craft a Pattern Language for Commoning.

Neighborhood Level where our Requisite Variety more closely matches our Essential Needs and hopes.

Marc's Graph beginning to tell the story of Whatcom County's participation in RWJF Pursuing Perfection collaborative.


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