Five Women FedWiki

Whisp: Share my enthusiasm for local innovation via groups of five women. Of course women could invite men.

The Magic Number Five. ~ Five more or less.

Women of Requisite Variety. ~ Women more or less.

Neighborhoods as network made of creative nodes composed of Five Women.

What would a FedWiki campfire look like. How can a talking stick become obvious (iconized?) and easily used?

This can (should) be extended into the Persistent Syntegrating where neighborhoods self organize around the activities of groups of five taking action on particular concerns. Each group can self-organize as they wish, just make the work public facing through the use of FedWiki and other media. Connect these action groups visually using graph vis and maps in FedWiki and also encourage inviting "observers" and "critics" to participate. Most importantly be sure that each member of the group participate in at least one other project.

To my mind there are Action Projects and there are Organizational Projects--developing the capacity for sustaining the network of actions.