Change starts with a choice. Social change comes through human decisions, choices.

Freedom is in large measure the freedom to choose, to make decisions.

What is the role of models in understanding decision making, especially directed graphs? A decides B. B effects C. A has an effect on C, and on and on.

Decisions are happening all the time all around us. The most common choice may choosing to avoid choosing. That is a decision. It only means that other’s decisions or our own earlier decisions are going to play out.

What can the sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology and ecology tell us about decision making?

What can the sciences of complexity and systems tell us about decision making?

# Some important questions about freedom and decision making: * How do we each learn about decision making * Who benefits from decisions? * Voice (choice)? * Who makes them? * What do they effect? * When, where, by whom, and how impactfully will the effects be felt? * Who is responsible for the effects and side effects of decisions? * Who could make better decision? * What is involved in making good decisions? * What are the important decisions? * Why do people give away decision making? * How can decisions be made closer to home? * How can decision making return home, once it has been allowed to leave home? * What decisions can be made by individuals and which decision are better made by groups? * decisions for us? * How can be decide on decision makers?

# How can we become more aware of the true effects of decisions made and decisions to be made? * Where one lives? * What one eats? * What action one takes day to day? * What one produces? * Who one associates with? * What one believes? * How ownership (property rights) work? * How justice is conceived and managed? How happy one is? * How fearful one is? * What kind of economy will we have?